Michel Leblanc Conference

I recently assisted at a speech given by Michel Leblanc at the Big Bang on may 17, 2007. This is certainly one of the best speeches I have ever attended. I can assure you I have seen some, I have just arrived from the CHI 2007 conference in San Jose.

First, Michel Leblanc didn’t use any PowerPoint. He simply walked in front of us and delivered his speech.

Second and most importantly, he is truthful, blunt and highly credible on his subject. He is without any doubt an expert in his field and uses brilliant storytelling to make his points. The direct language that is sometimes a bit rough just reinforces his sincerity. I felt I was sitting in front of an intelligent person simply looking for the truth.

I also hired him for some of my clients in the USA and I can assure you he is effective and brings real results. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to acquire clients on the Web.

Cheers Michel

3 thoughts on “Michel Leblanc Conference

  1. ik wou net gaan vragen, is dat een e9chte roze poes? Misschien een aeilnopobs. Of van een oma die haar poes bij haar truitje wil laten passen.Ik zit al een hele week onder dekentjes. Vandaag had ik er nog eentje extra bijgehaald en nu heb ik er drie 🙂 Eigenlijk kunnen we gewoon beter in bed gaan liggen in plaats van ons bed naar de living te zeulen 🙂

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