Task Management

Task management is an underserved niche. The monthly search for task management are less than 10% of those on project management. Task management is poise to growth and become central. It answers a fundamental business need and it is underserved by available business applications. Every manager does task management somehow. They are either using Outlook calendar or to-do list applications. Outlook and To-Do list have a very limited capability for scaling to business needs of operations. The other alternative is to try to adapt project management or CRM software such as Basecamp or or Salesforce that are not initially designed for task management. This is explaining why many of those applications end up to be cumbersome for day to day operations. Larger customer will do custom development or configure platform such as Lotus notes or Share Point.

Managers are spending a great deal of their time and efforts to be aware of what is going on and taking actions if there is an out of order situations. Those tasks can easily require hours from managers having to monitor a large number of tasks and employees. Although there is plethora of software, they are either too complex, cumbersome, or specialized. Managers end up tracking their operations and employees through status reports and status meetings using emails, spreadsheets and schedulers such a MS outlook.

This impacts the organizations because of managers lose hundreds of hours yearly on inquiring what is going on or is there risk of omission. This is even more prevalent when the teams to be managed are distributed geographically. Not timely managed out of order situations may lead to costly errors that may have high repetitional and client impact.

Potential for task management is unlimited. People do tasks to achieve results. Any other activities are related to task being (for example collaboration, sharing, searching). In fact project management is a particular case of task management not the way around. The potential of task management is so great for organizations, that it can become as prevalent for business as the social network is for individual task management. There is an attempt to disrupt the market with collaborative and social network, but we believe that organizations need task management to manage their business.

iFollow helps managers to be aware what is going. It allows them to track repeated sequences of task, individual tasks and measured data point over time. Employees and co-workers interact with iFollow only through their email eliminating the adoption barrier across the organisation. Any out of order situation, for example past due or out of range value, are detected by email alert, and color coded in a dynamic timeline visual overview.

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