Gartner got it all wrong again on the iPhone

Gartner provides obscurantist research analysis and reports for IT professionals.

Over the years they have been consistently wrong:

They recommended IT managers to choose OS2 over windows

In September 2001 they recommended that companies using Microsoft IIS for web hosting should switch to alternative products in light of increasing Internet worm attacks

In October 2006, Gartner issued a statement that they believed Apple Computer should abandon its hardware business and instead license it to alternative PC manufacturers, such as Dell.

When I read their analysis, it gave me the impression they view technology like accountants that check only the cost but omit the benefit.

On the iPhone, Gartner said in InformationWeeks several obstacles stand in the way of its fitting into the enterprise:

  1. Lack of support from major mobile device management suites and mobile security suites
  2. Lack of support from major business mobile e-mail solution providers
  3. The operating system platform isn’t licensed to alternative hardware suppliers so there are no backup hardware suppliers
  4. Feature deficiencies, such as no removable battery, which could increase the need for support
  5. At this point, it’s only available from one US operator
  6. It’s an unproven device from a vendor that’s never built an enterprise-class phone or mobile device
  7. A high price estimated at $500
  8. A clear statement from Apple that it’s focussed on consumer, not enterprise, business

In my view, these objections are biased :

Point 1,2,6. Lack of support or unknown or unproven device: It is a new device! It has always been the case for new device. Early adopters and innovators will go forward while followers will wait and see. Some corporations such as Goggle, Apple, Intuit, Cirque du Soleil are innovators. If we were to follow this logic, there would not be any innovations in America.

Point 3. The operating system of Blackberry wasn’t licensed to any alternative hardware up to 6 months ago. Why is it a problem for Apple and not for RIM?

Point 4. Removable batteries. This is new battery technology and Apple has reason to design this way. So you have to wait and see if it is a good system design choice.

Point 5. Only in US. It is a problem for only those traveling a lot around the world.

Point 7. High price. For what it does, it is a computer, phone camera, and ipod, it is not bad.

Point 8. Yes Apple focuses on the customer but many products designed for large audience have their place in corporations (word, excel, ….) . Why is it a problem?


One thought on “Gartner got it all wrong again on the iPhone

  1. Interesting discussion….
    Regards Point 5. This is something that is making a lot of people to talk about. Ideally, anyone with an iPhone would love to make use of all its capabilities. Having a good data plan is important for this reason…

    Some postings on what is happening in Canada:
    Exorbitant data rates keeping iPhone out of Canada?

    A Petition to improve Rogers Canada iPhone Data Plan:

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