Having the right information on time.

The primary ingredient for making right decisions is having the right information on time. Information is often gathered through meetings, interviews, focus group or surveys. Unfortunately, these techniques do not always provide all the insight and facts.  While meetings, focus groups, interviews or surveys might provide a good insight, there are many undiscovered operations that are difficult to recall and express because they are instinctive. 

a.    It is difficult for people to verbally describe visual-spatial operations.  For example, five people witnessing a car accident will tell five different stories 

b.    It is harder, if not almost impossible, for someone to recall in detail an experience out of context  

Our experience has show in more than 100 projects, that these operations are often critical for understanding the business

Doing the right thing – The Cognitive Engineering Approach

The application of the Cognitive Approach helps an organization to learn at a faster pace:  

“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into rapid action, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch   

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